seasonal insomnia

…i am tired, every morning i wake up bang on 6.06 am..without fail no matter what time i go to sleep at night. Last year it was a regular 5.58 am awakening so at least i have gained 8 minutes on last year. And it can also be tiring to work in such a “complex” art institution (the internal politics in this place could give Machiavelli a bad name…!) but there is good stuff too,  some great proposals of work from the residents (will post more when their projects further along), a lot of nice new people, lunch today here in Biella up in the Circolo del Piazzo,  of steak and salad underneath the the shade of growing grape vines, Sunday afternoon spent in a hammock in the roof of some friend’s house (those Colombians really know how to relax…) and that is a vuvuzela in the bottom photo by the way…

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