a typical day…

A bit of cross posting here as after this intro text i am repeating a post from my UNIDEE2010 blog… this is kind of a typical day for me. It looks and is fun but it is very intense, the working day for me runs from about 8 am till 8 pm and it is SO full. In between programmed events, all the residents need to have a one on one with me about their prospective projects, and there are 14 of them!!!! There are problems to be solved, people to be put in touch with people, encouragement to be given, the official blog to be kept up to date…Today i needed to pee at lunch time, i finally found time to do it at 7.00pm…too much information???? but you get the point anyway, this was one day…

today: more small tutorial groups with Emiliano Gandofi where their projects are discussed and critiqued.

lunch and a break from discussion (always important)

Strange things we sometimes have to do…A freelance photographer Edoardo Delille has been here for 2 days on a photo shoot assignment on Cittadellarte, every now and then we have fill spaces be photographed and act natural!

Late afternoon there were also presentations from Chiara Tinonin and Davide Ligas,

and also from Inass Yassin

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