the wee book…

3 of the residents have started a collective, just for fun, they call it the 5 stones collective (named after the game), so far there have been 2 nights of the 5 stone bar (in the living room – no toilets but the drink is free…), and last night was the launch of the “wee book” (thus named because i tend to use the scots word “wee” meaning “little” a lot and everyone finds this very amusing…) anyway its a five stones ‘zine synthesising all the daft things that we have said and laughed at for the last few years. I think it is brilliant but maybe it’s only of interest for those of us who have lived this experience, but i include the pages below because there is a great “portrait” of Michelangelo Pistoletto, and Maria Pistoletto really did hang out of her window at 2.30 am on the opening night of Arte al Centro asking everyone to please STOP the music (fair enough i think)…

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