fried in genoa…

…ok, i love this place. If i come to Genoa i always try to eat from there. Located in the old port, under some arches, with no name,  it’s a little narrow shop where 2 ladies fry fish all day and you buy it to take away.

It is long and narrow with white and blue tiles. There is a small prep room at the back, and then in the shop itself a big, coal fired stove with 2 giant pans of boiling oil.

The place is like an oven, its 37 degrees outside and i guess the lady frying has asbestos skin…anyway i also guess it might have effected her mood as she would not let me take pictures inside (said i could do what i like from outside!).

There was a shrine to the madonna at the end, and some old photos showing people in that same location doing exactly the same thing so i guess they have been frying those fish for a longgggg time. We took our haul wrapped in paper down to the port to eat.

clockwise starting at the bottom we ate: pignolini (whitebait i think anyway it’s tiny fish), acciughe (anchovies),   panissa (typical of liguria, a stiff chickpea flour mixture is shaped like chips and fried) and frittelle (fried batter really, with some herbs), baccalà (cod)

to drink: chinotto, a fizzy aromatic italian cola named after the small bitter citrus fruit it is made from.

anyway i know it looks a little greasy and it was all fried but it was also extremely fresh and delicious…and no doubt very bad for you…yum!


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