Took the residents (see “current project“) to PAV (park of living art)  in Turin –  an experimental centre of contemporary art which is “a public space in a city in progress, an outdoor exhibition centre, a new interactive museum, a place of encounter and laboratorial experiences, a centre of research interested in the dialogue between contemporary art, science, nature, biotechnologies and ecology, and also between public and artists”…phew!

…turned out to be a bit of a marathon, especially the visit to the outdoors landscape installations for an hour and a half under a 40 degree sun with no shade…a kind of a torture for a fair-skinned peely wally* celt such as myself.

This building in the background is a car park for garbage trucks who donate their organic waste as fertilizer to PAV…kind of a nice relationship.

The place itself i liked but i find the idea of these semi permanent installations a bit odd, all that faux naturalism…, which in 2 years will make way for another set of faux naturalisms, a good friend recently questioned my likening for a piece of charles jenks land art at jupiter artland (see comments for this past post) …artificial and patriarchal Jenks may be but at least it is honest, his art is what it is and seems to be…am not sure about all these fake meadows (not so say i did not find them very pretty – when i was not thinking about fainting under the relentless torino sunshine…) in the end it is just another kind of gallery setting with “repainting” and “rehanging” that comes with the imminent arrival of  each new show…

…and then also at PAV there was the opening of a new exhibition by american biologist/artist Brandon Ballengèe who was researching frogs and their environmentally induced mutations…you can just see his hands in this photo below, the glass dishes contain the skeletons of tiny mutant frogs

*peely wally = scots for pale or wan

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