focaccia di recco…

…jumping back to liguria briefly and getting back to the important subject of food, i wanted to talk about the focaccia di recco – ligurian cuisine is not my favourite, as a regional style, it can be a bit narrow and a bit samey, BUT the stuff that they do do, they do REALLY WELL. This is the focaccia di recco,

i had never heard of it till i came to live in Italy, it’s a really thin focaccia dough, spread with a sour soft cheese like stracchino, or crescenza and then sprinkled with a little milk, it’s cooked in the oven till golden brown with a slight crust on top. Its kind of sweet and sour, and silky at the same time and it is SO good, it is crispy round the edges while the middle takes on the consistency of a very substantial crepe. Round here, to stop it sticking, they sprinkle the bottom of the baking sheets with chick pea flour and this gives a slight extra crunch.

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