its always about the weather…

…early morning, no early risers among the residents this year, just me pottering around on my own at 7am, actually its pretty nice, one of the few cool and quiet moments of the day…

…so of course we are never happy. When i got here mid June everyone was complaining about the cold ( a balmy 18 degrees actually…) anyway now again it’s all about the weather. There comes a point in the Biella summer when it gets very hot and very very humid, we are in the middle of that period now. The air you breathe in as actually hot, the bottle of water beside your bed is actually hot…i can only describe it as being like living in a bowl of warm soup…sticky moist and uncomfortable.

The surrounding mountains have become become hazy and fade in and out of the distance, sometimes you can’t see them at all. You have to slow down your pace a little in order to “survive”.  Stuck in Biella for the weekend due to work commitments, life takes the meaning of “slow” to a new level…


even “slower”

Too hot to go out, too lethargic to arrange to go out and meet friends, i find myself going a little crazy and “interacting” with some of the installations for arte al centro by trying to catch subtitles on my skirt…not a good sign i know!!!

2 responses to “its always about the weather…

  1. Ok, possibly a worry, but the effect is pretty amusing! I’m still thinking about that specific art installation, it really stayed with me.

    1 question: was the skirt yellow to make that effect? ..I have always mixed up my primary colours…

  2. ..the skirt being yellow and the photo being taken at that point in time were a happy arty accident!

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