dilemmas and conundrums…

So originally, considering that i am currently keeping an alternative “institutional” blog, i wanted to be able to say what i like in this one, but of course i can’t totally. When i was in India for example, i told no one over there that i was keeping a blog, which enabled me to be more candid and to write “freely”. Not so easy here, blogging about people here who are often quite well known means a post will often pop up in an engine search… So am being a bit of a coward really, alluding to things, not naming names…firstly i don’t want to hurt anyone and secondly, hell, i want to keep being employed…So no Perez Hilton of the art world for me! (and trust me, i do have some good art gossip!!!!) Am toying with the idea of a third completely anonymous blog where i can let rip and watch carnage ensue…or maybe i have already done that????

…and bearing all this in mind…i find myself in Como, taking our residents to meet another group of residents who are participating in a 3 week residency there. This foundation is on shores of the lake with spectacular views. Privates plane take off and land periodically on the water.

I keep making jokes about George Clooney who lives (or lived) in these parts, saving drowning ladies from the lake…Not very arty i know, but that’s me…not very arty considering how i make my living.

Anyway there we sat in this room in a big circle, awkwardly swapping residency info…a LOT of artists in one room…and it struck me how goddamn bourgeois it all was, all of us, in this privileged situation in this super fancy place…with private planes taking off in the background. Not the first time it has struck me, to be an artist is not the most useful of occupations. That’s not to say i don’t love what i do, and i do think that art has a huge part to play in society…but just for today let me say…basta con l”arte!!!!

driving home through the rice fields back towards the mountains and Biella…


5 responses to “dilemmas and conundrums…

  1. The correct italian saying is “impara l’arte e mettila da parte”, that reads “learn art and put it aside”… There you go: now you are ready for an average conversation in a bar with any octogenarian..

  2. …actually the visiting artist/professor in como was nearly an octogenarian…and he was a pain in the ass!!!

  3. marga, last year i had the same idea during our trip to como. bourgeois and priviliged situation. we discussed about it on the whole way back to biella.

    • ciao C! thanks for stopping by. Yep it was weird, they spent all their time talking, they were half way through their residence of 3 weeks and had spent most of their time talking about the catalogue they were going to produce for work they had not made or even conceived yet!!!!…madonna nera, che palle!!

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