art castles…

Up early and took the train to Turin and then on to to outskirts, to Rivoli to visit the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.  As well as temporary exhibitions of international repute, the museum is also home to a formidable permanent collection established in 1984, the year the museum opened, including works by Merz, Pistoletto, Cattelan, Taceta Dean, Sol Le Witt, Bill Viola, Rebecca Horn etc etc…

Actually in my humble opinion it’s really worth going to the collection at Rivoli. Stuck a little on the peripheries of Turin, it’s actually quite hard to physically get there without a car. You need to take the tube and then 2 buses from the centre of Turin. This means during weekdays at least the place is pretty quiet – lousy for business but great for you as a punter- and you can have this huge constructed/deconstruction art palace and all the contents it holds, nearly to yourself. In the era of blockbuster shows and the importance of bums on seats, this is kind of a rare treat to be savoured…in my humble opinion…

…another kind of art? A house near the museum in Rivoli…

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