relief in the mountains…

…in the end, i only spent one day in Pettinengo, the association we were visiting  (see previous post)  has a huge and abundant produce garden,

but the bees were my favourite…they produce “third paradise honey” here named after an artwork made from flowers by Michelangelo Pistoletto…But i had a bit of a hard time here as i previously mentioned with the mosquitoes,  so i escaped to the mountains and temps in the mid 30’s dropped to a marvellous 18 degrees…

About 2000 metres up, near Monte Cervino (4800m) in Valle d’Aosta, i was amazed once i got into the meadows on the slopes not of the abundance but of the exotic nature of the flora and fauna i found up there, my ignorance i guess…

You are really inside the weather here, Monte Cervino (the peak on the right) was constantly appearing and disappearing behind clouds, it would rain for 10 seconds and then become sunny etc…

Right now i have no time to find out what everything i saw actually is, but i found lilies growing singly all over the place and also brightly coloured succulents….

With all the flowers came brilliant coloured butterflies and a vivid fushia coloured flying insect that was impossible to photograph.

Just a little further up in the ski town of Cervina (an incredible mix of low rent Vegas and plastic Hansel and Gretel style architecture….!!), people were skiing…i hope to come back and do some walks in the mountains and maybe find out a bit more about the plants and animals and best of all be in a place where there are no mosquitoes!!!

Not Cervina, but up in the mountains, indigenous architecture being reclaimed and absorbed again by nature…

Indigenous architecture still in use by shepherds…


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