ivrea, no cake and typewriters…

…So there are two main reasons to go to the town of Ivrea, one is the The torta 900 – v famous in these parts, it’s a phenomenally good sponge cake with a generous chocolate mouse filling oozing out of it…and the other is the architecture. Unfortunately the bar that sells the cake was closed in anticipation of the august holidays…. But the architecture remains and in particular my personal favourite…the fabulous and somewhat crumbling Serra complex. The hotel has long since closed down, but part of the building lives on in the form of the ABC cinema…

“typewriter keys” formed the hotel bedrooms…

Ivrea is the home town of Olivetti, and in fact this building is based on the design of a typewriter. Olivetti was an old school utopian entrepreneur who filled the town with forward thinking architecture and many many social facilities for his workers such as enormous lending library, schools and mountain-top summer retreats for their children, modern homes and flats surrounded by playing fields and allotments… (for more see this article in frieze).

This leafy path is part of those social facilities for the public and employees and has a series of exercises to complete at each stage of the walk…

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