shifting landscapes…

I watched this particular landscape for many years, it has changed a lot. It’s the view across the river from all of the various offices i have occupied during my various projects at cittadellarte….

I even saw a man die there once, some years ago… I had been stop motion documenting the river and the construction of a new wall there for months, the builders (mainly eastern European) got used to this strange woman across the river who documented their progress. They often used to wave and play air guitar with their spades…! One day, a worker was killed when his caterpillar toppled over, he would have been ok, the structure would have protected him, but i guess he panicked and tried to jump out and was crushed. Immediately all the workers disappeared, am guessing many of them were here illegally. The work they were doing remained unfinished for a long, long time.

Now several years later, a long gentrification process is going on, the vast 19 century mill complex across the river is gradually being “restored” and along with this, the river bank is being landscaped and, i hope, made available to everyone.  Actually the river bank is very seductive, full of enormous boulders and fast flowing water, it is just begging to be explored. But the industrialisation of  the river meant that it actually became a private space, with all access “controlled” by the various factories. Now that they have all been abandoned access to the river is even harder, it requires a key or a healthy sense of adventure and agility…

an earlier season – fishermen in early march…


2 responses to “shifting landscapes…

  1. Where is this place? It looks like our area of Bagni di Lucca on the River Lima.

    • Biella is in Piedmont and the architecture you see in this post is the leftover from the first industrial revolution. The whole landscape in this area is peppered with such beautiful buildings. Thanks for the comment!

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