change is inevitable…

Going to blog about this a bit on my UNIDEE blog but wanted talk about it here too…

I have learned not to compare one UNDEE residence with another, there is no point, they are always going to be different. HOWEVER lets talk about night time and the changing uses of spaces…

In my year as a resident in 2004, there was as yet no WIFI, and definitely no internet in our bedrooms, just in the UNIDEE space itself, so this space really became our home. We stayed there late into the night every night…, to talk to friends on-line, to surf the net, to work…because of this almost 24/7 kind of occupation, we became a kind of a tribe. I even remember one resident who used to hang up his washing to dry between the columns…others furtively looked at porn on the communal PCs (it was not so common to have your own laptop then…)…people played music…people complained about people paying music too loud (apparently i played too much Wilco…!) and it was in these collective moments that friendships were cemented, collaborations began…romances…and also big fights and arguments about stupid things (like whether or not to have the lights switched on or not!!)…but always a very strong collective experience. Later on in the years, WIFI arrived in all the rooms, and with that came the possibility to disappear off to your room to work after dinner, and with that ended the all night occupation of the UNIDEE space…”Change is inevitable” and there is nothing wrong with that…but i lament the passing of the night time occupation and i wonder despite the fact that i fully embrace technology, especially in my work,  what will be the next thing to change with all these technological advances that we now come to expect…


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