how much to pay an artist…

…typical of me that i need to be in Italy in order to find out that one of the few artist unions in the world exists back home in the form of the Scottish Artists Union (SAU). I found out this and other useful stuff from one of our visiting guests for UNIDEE, über art practitioner Emilia Telese. Emilia is an artist but also an expert in fund raising and professional art practice. She is as disciplined and organised as i am not and i am a little jealous of her skills, though very much aware that her style of practice does always not suit my particular path. However much of what she had to say was extremely useful, and i will definitely follow up some of her advice and links.

From SAU website: how to calculate rates of pay for artists…a formula – extremely useful though in my experience you also have to be prepared to compromise a little on the pay front…if you want to get the job…


One response to “how much to pay an artist…

  1. the word that springs to mind when thinking of you is def not ‘disorganised’!

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