café shakerato…

café shakerato…

…not sure how I managed to arrange it to be in Italy, Scotland, and then Spain within 3 days. It’s not at all glamorous…all easyjet and spending nights in airports…of which I am now very much an expert (if you ever need to spend the night in stanstead airport, honestly, ask me, I can give you tips…). And speaking of Italia, I wanted to pay homage to the great Italian summer drink of café shakerato.

You basically shake sweetened coffee with ice and amaretto (if you want to go traditional piedmontese) or baileys – my favourite – until it is chilled and foamy. You can skip the booze if you like but it’s not nearly so good…and can I just say if you have a crappy day ahead of you, its bloody brilliant to start it with a shakerato con baileys…I don’t care what anyone says…!

Oh and just before i left Milan,  I was gutted to find that this place was closed, I can’t imagine how it is inside…and isn’t Odin the god of war…what’s that got to do with chocolate???

– must investigate further when it’s open…


3 responses to “café shakerato…

  1. caffè corretto and then joyful viking gods. what more can one want in a blog post?

  2. ooh do they have spritz on the menu there too??

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