galician miscellany…

Galician countryside..oh yes and me…seamlessly blending in to the land of my ancestors, maybe you can’t even spot me…

Des-res in Curtis…seriously, who lives in a house like this?…David, it’s over to you!…And did you notice the Tim Burtonesque dead tree to the left…?

it’s too easy!…

Who me??? Really??? (one of the many marys of Cayon)

But back to more concrete matters…Disappearing, indigenous architecture…Beautiful, beautiful stone work. All the houses in this area used to be built like this but more on this subject in a later post…


3 responses to “galician miscellany…

  1. lol, great to pop by and see what you up to Marga.
    Gallicia hey?
    it just looks precious and endangered from this side of the screen.
    precious as enclosed and self referential places can only be for an outsider, and endangered because it looks like no many people live there anymore, it’s just going to be swallowed by nature and unforgiving hills all over again..
    but hey, i’m on this side of the screen..

    • hey!, thanks D,
      actually you are correct in your assumptions, even from your side of the screen. The population here is very old, and the countryside very empty and nature quickly and violently reclaims everything that stands still for a little while. i think it is a very melancholic place, even the climate is melancholic…other Spaniards say the galician accent sounds like someone is crying…, keep checking in, more posts on the landscape and other stuff still to come…
      ta x

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