horreos of galicia…

Galicia grows a lot of maize and because of this it has its own very idiosyncratic buildings to store it, they are called horreos, small ventilated constructions used mainly to store maize,  traditionally raised up off the ground and built in wood or stone. They are part of the landscape, some have been abandoned, many are still very much used and now many are being restored… and you see them where ever you travel in the countryside.

(inland near Barrantes, Pontevedra)

They are very distinctive and vary greatly from one place to another, for example round here, inland and mountainous they are naroow and made of wood, whereas if you head towards the sea and the costa de la morte, they are wider and made from stone. Galician horreos range from the humble and practical…,

(inland near Curtis, La Coruña)

to the super kitsch new builds or restorations – here someone has turned theirs into a bedroom…,

(coastal near Muros – Costa de la Morte – La Coruña)

Or they can be symbols of power and ownership, traditionally for hundreds of years, the bigger the land owner, the bigger the horreo, as tenants had to give up a third of their maize as part of their rent hence the need for a big store. For example the pazo ( galician manor house) from this previous post has an horreo befitting its status…

(inland near Curtis, La Coruña)

The sad skeleton of an horreo you see below is more than 70 years old,

(inland Puente Careira, La Coruña)

it has long been abandoned (it belonged to my late grandparents)  but the stone ones can be hundreds of years old, this one from Carnota on the Costa de la Morte dates to the 18th century…

(coastal, Carnota La Coruña)

for more horreo photos go to my flickr here


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