briefly back in Edinburgh…

i gave blood!!! been meaning to do it for ages, but fate conspires against me every time, this is the fourth time i have been but the first time i was allowed to donate. If you have been in india for example, you have to wait 6 months after you come back, then you have to be tested for malaria and if that is ok, then you can give, so here it is. It was pretty much painless, very quick and easy…i feel stupid for not having done it before…

thanks to matt-the-nurse for taking the photo… and after you do this…you get this…i only had two…honest…

If you are in Edinburgh and you want to donate…i went to The Blood Donor Centre, 41 Lauriston Place, opening hours:

mon 10am-4.00pm

tues 12pm-7.30pm

wed 12pm-7.30pm

thurs 12pm-7.30pm

fri 10am-4.00pm

sat 10am-1.00pm


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