yet another change of scene…again…

…well sort of, coming back to Italy and especially Biella is kind of like coming home as it was indeed home for many years…and after a few days in Edinburgh living in the heart of the the belly of the beast that is the Edinburgh Festival…(some stats…{though i will spare you images of people juggling on stilts in the streets…some things i refuse to photograph..} last year the Edinburgh Festival sold 1,859,235 tickets for 34,265 performances of 2,098 shows in 265 venues, over 25 days, for an average of over 74,000 admissions and 1,300 performances per day…. ) well a bit of calm is nice…Having said that its not THAT calm…the residency that i am working for (see my current project as collaborating artist for UNIDEE 2010 and the blog i keep for them) has carried on throughout August while i was away and there is a LOT to catch up on…more to follow…

Meanwhile the landscape has changed again, the rice fields that surround us are now starting to turn from lush green to a golden yellow…below is the town of Novara, outside Milan.

and just to remind you, here is how it looked a few months ago in april when the fields were newly flooded for planting…

…and back to now, at ground level…


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