my way…

…one thing that i can say about life at the moment is that every day is different when you are working on a residency with 14 artists and their various projects…

Recently, we found out from resident Jobelle, that Karaoke is HUGE in the Philippines where she is from and that one of the most favourite most sacred songs is “My Way”. They take the art pretty seriously over there and people have been killed over bad renditions of the song…the police even refer to them as the “my way killings“. Anna, another resident decided to hot foot it down to the local Karaoke club here in Biella and record Jobelle’s version of the famous song…I went along to document the occasion…Jobelle, i am happy to report remains in good and robust health…!

The “Karaoke Pinocchi Music Pub” in beautiful down town Biella…


4 responses to “my way…

  1. oh! that club does actually function or was it just being accessed for the day?
    i really wanted to sing a song or two in there myself, but then got distracted by the many happenings of unidee as you mentioned too.
    Ps, Karaoke is big, very big in Korea too, and Japan, while here in Australia the south-east asian influence made sure a strong ‘young-and-groovy’ crowd inhabit the singing cubicles on regular basis.
    just popped in to see what you up to, good to see you in a photograph yourself for a change.
    Looking bright n cheerful!
    Smiley cheers

    • hey DB! just came from a never ending operational meeting…remember them??? Allora, the Karaoke club does indeed function. we are planning to go back, drink will be drunk and songs will be sung…will post more after the fact…

  2. i want to go there too! do they have take me home country roads? or poison by alice cooper?

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