hangar bicocca…

Hanger Bicocca used to be factory that made coils for electric trains. Its a bit of a shlep to get out there…on the end of a tube line, on the outskirts of Milan (and its bloomin’ freezing in winter!). It is vast in scale and is now used as a contemporary art venue, that due to its vastness tends to house monolithic works of great physical magnitude…

exterior, a permanent work by Fausto Melotti

art butterfly

…so it does do what it says on the tin…it is a hangar and it is HUGE…just beyond you can just see the permanent installation by Anselm Kiefer (more on that further down)

Temporary installation by Christian Boltanski this “corridor” has speakers which (literally) pound out the heartbeats that he has collected in their tens of thousands stores in an archive in Japan (Les Archives du coeur) If you like, you can record your heartbeat for €5 and add it to the archive…wily old goat that Boltanski getting you to fork out to create an artwork for him!!! Actually the soundtrack was huge (like everything else in the hangar) and boomed around the vast interior space…it worked…

Personnes by Christian Boltanski

the Seven Celestial Palaces – a permanent installation by Anselm Kiefer…i found them apocalyptic, kind of futuristic and ancient and like the remnants of some middle eastern battle – here the curator refers to them as a symbolic path for spiritual initiation …


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