oropa and madonna nera…

Oropa – i see the dome of oropa every day, weather permitting, half way up a mountain (Mucrone) near Biella, you can just see it there below in the middle of the image…

It is a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna Nera (black Madonna). Because of this place, most of the “Mary” statues and murals (and there are a lot) in the area are black, for example this one is in a corridor in the Zegna Woolmill up in Trivero.

…and this one in a house in Chiavazza

…and you can even find her on my wrist…

Anyway Oropa is big business in the catholic cult of “Mary” trade, complete with souvenir shops, bars and restaurants and a never ending queue of religious tourism. These photos taken at dusk on Sunday are surprisingly empty as everyone is inside one of the various churches. For those of us outside, the mass given by the Pope in Rome is broadcast booming out from strategically placed speakers around the complex (hence impossible to ignore) for our listening pleasure…

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