negotiating skills…

…not known normally for my diplomatic skills i find myself in a strange situation. Due to the ill health of a member of staff i find myself (along with my normal duties as collaborating artist for the residency) to be the point of reference for the end of residence open studio, an exhibition that is not an exhibition (doors open this Saturday 9 October). It’s challenging both physically and mentally. Some people are wonderfully cooperative, while others are somewhat rigid/problematic shall we say…and the most unlikely of characters suddenly develop massive prima donna type egos!!!!…friends falling out, then making up…the usual group show scenario…  and everyone is looking at me to solve stuff!!!. At the moment am like a mini united nations…solving problems wherever i go!!!…lets see how today goes…

click on images below for a better look:

…images from the installation process of 14 artists from the UNIDEE 2010 residency, here in beautiful Biella, Italy…


3 responses to “negotiating skills…

  1. sounds interesting!
    looking forward to hearing all about it when you’re back.

  2. better warn our local hostelry to stock up on the crabbies then…

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