biella fashion…

More work that i really liked from another artist from the UNIDEE residence, this time a clip from a film by Aleksandrija Ajduković’. Aleks has made this rather amazing film about fashion in Biella. She has managed to find the most incredible assortment of people, from old ladies in pearls in their Sunday best, to preening young men, to girls tottering around in S&M heels. The whole thing is done with a great deal of love and affection, as Aleks works on instinct and just goes for people she likes…Below is a clip from her work “newsreel on fashion in Biella in 2010“,  it features the rather magnificent Maria Luisa, a lady in her 70’s with a predilection for hats…


2 responses to “biella fashion…

  1. charming. would like to see the rest of it

    • it is really great actually and very odd, but maria louisa was the real find.
      when alex came to film, she had all her hats laid out to be filmed and she was expecting alex just to film the hats themselves but when she (reluctantly) became the model, she turned out to be the star of the show.

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