venice biennale of architecture…

There will now follow a whole bunch of posts from Venice…

I came here specifically for the Architecture Biennale, which takes place every 2 years in between the art Biennale. Anyway it is my first time at the architecture version…

So the setup is the same as the art version with the main venues being the pavilions in the Giardini and the vast internal space of the Arsenale. My entry ticket costs €20…Venice ain’t cheap…There will be quite a lot of posts on this subject as i saw a lot of things that are worth a mention…


The Belgian pavilion was dedicated to flooring, they prised worn and much used various materials away from their original contexts and displayed them like works of art on the walls complete with a small potted history of their original use and location…

“Acrylic fibre carpet from a living room adjacent to a bedroom and a hallway. Both rooms had chimneys and gas convectors”.

“Work table next to a photocopier in a copy shop. Plywood panel later covered with a protective layer of laminated low-density fibreboard (LDF)”.

Vacant NL – where architecture meets ideas, installation in Dutch Pavilion. Ahhh the Dutch pavilion, it has been empty for the past 39 years. I already liked it when i entered and saw what i perceived to still be an empty space, with a false ceiling of suspended turquoise forms which filled the otherwise empty space with reflected colour…

but there was more…up the stairs and those forms turned into a vast Dutch cityscape

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