society of the spectacle…

Transsolar + Tetsuo Kondo architects: Cloudscapes

below the clouds…

above the clouds…

“The ability to touch, feel and walk through the clouds is a notion drawn from many of our fantasies. Gazing out of aeroplane windows, we often daydream of what it might be like to live in this ethereal world of fluffy vapour

walking under, above and inside the clouds…

…and speaking of pure spectacle Olafur Eliasson was also here with a work called Your Split Second House:

bloody difficult to photograph…3 ropes whirl round and round. Water runs down them and creates a rhythmic thrashing sound as it hits the ground. All this happens in the pitch dark and is illuminated only by sporadic strobe lighting…It was fun, nothing more nothing less but not on a par with some of his more epic works.

A split second is the space between 2 seconds. The gap between past and future; not just the part of now that is a void, seemingly frozen in time. In it nothing changes. What might change is the way we relate to it. Habitual coordinates such as subject and object, gravity and anti-gravity are freed up. This feeling of reconstituting our way of experiencing the world can happen suddenly, in a jolt. We do not feel the split second, but only realize afterwards that we have lived through one.” Olafur Eliasson

…another appearance from the art peeping tom…my companion mutters that this is like a Pistoletto mirror, putting the audience into the picture…


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