plenty of money and full colour brochures…

i think this will be my last post from this 2010 Biennale of Architecture…and i have barely skimmed the surface…but i think for now…enough…!

A room jam-packed with talking heads, examples of the 2,000 hours of interviews made by the art curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, including all the participants in this current Biennale.

The Japanese woman you can see is architect Kazuyo Sejima, one half of the Tokyo-based practice Sanaa and also the first female director of this event…not so surprising is that, as ever in these things, among participants, interviews, the female presence is in the minority…

Provisional Space by Wang Wei

RECLAIM” an installation representing the Kingdom of Bahrain who were  awarded the golden lion for the best national participation, is an investigation into the decline of sea culture in the island. Three fishermen’s huts were transported from their original sites in Bahrain to form the focal point of the installation. (…the Kingdom of Bahrain are not short of a bob or two they had stacks and STACKS of thick full colour brochures to give away…)

…and this most definitely concludes my posts from Venice for now…back to real life for a wee bit…but not before one last gratuitous day and night shot of this beautiful, beautiful city…

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