indie throwback…

Am not really one for nostalgia nor wallowing in the past, but thought i would mention that i am thinking of a new project for next year with a new website/blog apart from this one that will involve a lot of the two aforementioned “evils”…SO, I want to build up an online archive of the Edinburgh indie scene of the 80’s and 90’s…not comprehensive, just my little part in it. I was in quite a few bands at the time and along with like-minded pals, promoted a lot of gigs and club nights. The point being that i have all this rather amazing stuff from the time that needs a home other than the back of my closet. In the spirit of this “nostalgia” i have found quite a lot of stuff on some of my old bands posted on YouTube by who knows who…

This is the video to the Adam Faith Experience by Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes (i was the drummer). The film was made on super 8 by a good friend of ours from the time Dennis Wheatley (not the author of the Wicker Man!) while we were recording in London.

…and while i am on the subject of speaking of indie, i happened upon this for the first time in many, many years on YouTube.

The Boys Next Door – Shivers (1979)

It was written by the late Rowland Howard (when he was 16 years old)…am amazed at how good it still sounds. Me and my flatmates of the time had the extreme pleasure of hosting Rowland for a few days in Edinburgh back in the 80’s, when he was playing in town with Nikki Sudden’s Jacobites. He was a total gent and i could not believe my luck, my introduction to music came though discovering John peel when i was around 14 or 15 and the 2 bands that i became instantly obsessed with were The Birthday Party and Orange Juice. RH regaled us with fantastic tales of early Birthday Party and Tracy Pew stealing guitar amps (still plugged in to the music store) armed only with a push-bike for a getaway. I still remember him pottering around our grubby little Tollcross flat in vivid Hawaiian boxer shorts of a morning…


2 responses to “indie throwback…

  1. Marga! I am excited to see that project of yours. If you find irregularly high hits from the Philippines, you’ll know who causes that. By the way, I took the liberty to post your video Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes on facebook. We hope to find the return of the orange hair!

  2. Hi JB!! yes i thought it was time to address my dark indie past, it’s going to be quite a big job the new site, so it has to wait for next year, glad to know i will have at least one viewer!
    As for the orange hair…nahhhhhh!

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