airline food and changing time zones…

9.50 AM

…Breakfast is served. Morning flight  to London from Edinburgh. I LOVE airline food,  almost all my travelling these days is via budget airlines, so “free” airline food has become very exotic for me…

On the other hand i always loved airline food…and yes i know it tastes awful…but…i just love how it all comes compartmentalised…all the mini purpose-built utensils…a place for everything and everything in its place…

3.45 AM

Lunch is served on a flight from London to Hyderabad…
Hurrah for the flights to India, the food is pretty good. Notice a rather decent Faustino Rioja just out of focus there…

While on board i make sure to never decline the offer of wine…not to drink on board, but instead to take with me for my stay in india and to savour at a later date. I manage to accumulate 4 small bottles…I found wine pretty hard to come by last time i was in India, where i am going it is not sold in supermarkets in the nearest city of Vijayawada and the “off licences” are hidden, clandestine affairs…


10.15 PM

but with the time change really

3.45 AM

as we are nearing Hyderabad…breakfast is served again…

Damn should have taken the veggie option!!…i gaze enviously at everyone else who is tucking into some yummy looking indian spicy chickpea/veg affair while i am faced with this…

a challenge i will admit even with my love of this particular genre of food (allegedly that is a cheese frittata by the way)

4.30 AM

we land, the heat is somewhat overwhelming after the chilly night i spent in Edinburgh airport at the beginning of all this…

6.00 AM

Hyderabad airport – after 1 and a half hours waiting for bags, customs etc…Bliss in the form of the plaza lounge, you can purchase a room for 6 hours for 2200 rupees (€35), a lot of money in india and a lot of money for me come to think of it. For your money you get a windowless cubicle pretty much the size of a double bed but scrupulously clean, with its own bathroom and internet…and free food in the lounge HURRAH!!  6 hours till my next flight, at last i can sleep…


6 responses to “airline food and changing time zones…

  1. oh! you’re heading south-east again?
    the ever moving you!
    good luck, expect a whole lot more of great images-requested-from-people!

    • DB! good to hear from you, yes it’s going to be interesting for me too to experience this all over again, this time from a more familiar point of view…no idea how that’s going to be…no idea what you are up to due to lack of action on your blog???

  2. lol, yep, i’m slacking off on my blogging (mind thou i did a couple of postings on a common platform which i share with Lucas, see tending[dot]net[dot]au)
    I guess i’m just having a break, the energy demand of recent projects (tours + facebook intervention) drained me.. basically i’m slowing down for a little while 🙂
    ..which allows me to check on what you do :p
    well done MVP, looking forward the stories..
    actually, would it be possible to know a bit more about this kids? their stories? i understand they are orphans? do they know their late parents? what happen when they grow up? at what age they leave the institution?
    Could we know a bit more about the people too?
    sorry, i know you don’t go around asking questions, but you also are a great observer and listener..
    Big Smile coming your way..

  3. Actually, that is exactly what i am hoping to do this time round, get a bit more into the personal stories of people. Thought about it also last year but was somewhat overwhelmed by EVERYTHING and so assaulted and seduced by the sheer aesthetic nature of everything…this time will be different.
    cheers DB!
    a presto
    mvp x

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