…have a couple of days to re-acclimatise before work starts…back to my old haunt, looking for butterflies by the river…

The ladies who are always there washing clothes call me over to take photos…laughing uproariously (at me) when i do…i don’t mind.

Hindu prayer markings on tree…

Luisiana Home, one of the many houses within the orphanage campus and my home (again) too for a while…

Every afternoon after lunch, the girls sleep on mats on the floor. They sleep on mats on the floor at night too in dorms upstairs. The place is scrupulously clean, swept several times and day and passed with a mop. It’s so basic, hygiene equals civilization, without it everything breaks down, as can be seen all around us beyond the orphanage walls.  I am super lucky by the way, i get a room to myself with a bed and AC…the ultimate luxury as even now in winter it’s still hitting 30 degrees…


One response to “re-acclimatising…

  1. very much happy to knw nd very much eager to b the member

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