babies home…

Right now there are 29 children in Babies Home (part of the Daddy’s Home orphanage )and always more girls than boys ranging from newly born to 3 years old. They are sent here by Childline India where any immediate medical problems are taken care of. Then the child’s presence at the orphanage is advertised in order to try to find relatives. After a certain period, if no one comes forward, the child stays with Daddy’s Home. The majority of children will be adopted, but not the ones with HIV, the medical bills are prohibitively expensive, thought they do have a decent chance here of a long life, they will be given the relevant medicine and looked after. Next week around 6 adoptions will go through so the population will drop, but more will come.

I come here sometimes when i have spare time. Am not at all maternal, but here you find yourself doing things you would not normally do, so i come here to play with the babies just to help give them some stimulation. The place is well run and well staffed but of course it’s impossible to dedicate all the time that would normally be dedicated to a baby for play and contact…so any bit of extra attention helps.

(my feet – Patricia pointing, Stella in the foreground)

Stella (above) – i was shocked when i found out she was 3 years old, though apparently she has made huge progress from when she first came here, with malnutrition and covered in heat boils. She is nearly walking now but she doesn’t talk yet.

(Jamini – 2 months old and gaining weight…)

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