The orphanage kids go their own purpose built school from kindergarten all the way till they leave or go to college. There are around 1000 kids in total, 500 from the orphanage, and around the same from local villages.

Anyway, my classes started and they were huge in number, i was shocked to see around 40 kids trooping into my class room for the first lesson.

Impossible to deal with so many or even to hold their attention (10 – 13 years old) so then i had to do the horrible thing of getting them all to do some drawing for me and then made a selection of around 15 per class based on enthusiasm and some ability….arghh it was horrible, i felt like the grim reaper walking round making my selection. In the end its for the best though as with smaller classes i can give much more attention to the students individually…god the anxiety…what if i knocked back a budding genius…???anyway, went through this procedure with 2 groups…2 more to go…

This afternoon photography class with the older group, only 3 of my former students from last year are in it, lots of new faces and this year many more girls than boys (there is a reason for this which i will go into later). Already a couple of pretty decent shots were taken…

Students work:

2 responses to “classes…

  1. the top photo is great, are those birds a sort of crow? excellent composition.

    • yep, i know, it’s great. It’s by Jackson, who was one of my photography students last year too! And yes they are the equivalent to crows round here, they often have brown heads…

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