life in luisiana home…

…so like i keep saying, the place is kept scrupulously clean, with 43 girls in the house there is a lot of cleaning to be done, everyone pitches in, even the little ones. I found the kids dusting a giant butterfly early this morning silhouetted against the dawn sky…but that’s par for the course for these parts, always expect the unexpected…

..and then there are the birthdays…lots of them. The kids get a big cake (not nice – very dry sponge with toothachey sweet icing…but the kids love it) and everyone sings happy birthday…This time it was the turn of Jackie and Mahitha (both turning 6)…

A sponsor paid for this cake so it’s super fancy with a candle that spins round and sings Happy Birthday!! Weird situation actually as Mahitha had already celebrated her Birthday as you can see from the photos above, But then her sponsor wanted to pay for a small party for her. So another cake, and another Birthday party were arranged and duly photographed and sent to the sponsor…bit of a strange situation really…


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