the lost boys…

…So all the boys have been moved to the second Care and Share orphanage in the area Butterfly Hill. Well i exaggerate, the young boys are still at Daddy’s Home as are year 10, the final year (see previous post), but the older ones, and nearly all my students from last year are now over there. So decide i to spend at least one day a week teaching at Butterfly Hill.

It takes the school bus more than an hour to get there, we pick up a LOT of kids on the way…lets not discuss the health and safety issues here but suffice it to say we are packed in like sardines. The other day i had three little ones on my knee!

So it does have a touch of the wild west to it Butterfly H. On the serious side it’s where most of the HIV kids live (there is a hospital and lots of help on hand). But mostly it’s just hundreds of boys…running around barefoot. We are in real countryside here, there are monkeys in the trees and vivid green parakeets with scarlet beaks.

The campus is still being constructed. My kids sit on the floor to draw, and i bring in the art supplies with me.

But it’s lovely to teach here and really lovely to see my old students. There is no art teacher here yet so the boys are really keen.  Ranga (a thirteen year old drawing genius with a twisted/unique vision) just grabs my hand when he sees me for the first time in over a year and beams at me…he keeps grabbing my hand for a full five minutes. It’s very moving and i feel the same, am so happy to see him and all the others too.


2 responses to “the lost boys…

  1. look forward to seeing what they produce this year

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