sweet angels…

If you want to take an auto rickshaw to Gannavaram (town about 5 or 6 km from the orphanage) and you have it all to your self it will cost you 50 rupees (83 cents), but if you share it’s 5 (8 cents). It seems churlish not to share, swanning past as people try to flag you down, so i always do…its a risk as you never know how many are going to pile in…This time there were 9 of us…it’s definitely a good way to meet people…

He is going to town to see the doctor…his arm is in a cast.

i shared the (small) auto rickshaw with Navia and 9 others down a very bumpy road. Bone shatteringly shaky, it was impossible to take photos, but suddenly when vehicle stopped or emptied and there would be a moment of calm. Navia, who has great english skills told me she is 17, studying politics and later she hopes to study engineering.

The religious iconography in the back ground is very common round here, a remnant of Italian missionaries who arrived at the tail end of the British occupation.

…told you it was shaky…this time am sharing with a teacher working with the mentally handicapped and 2 students from a local college…

Opposing Jesus and Mary are the Sweet Angels, Indian movie stars…

That’s Dalayya on the bike, he is following me to town, he does not want to come in the rickshaw as he says he wants to stay fit. One of my best students last year he is shadowing me as a teacher while waiting to take his final school exams.


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