young guns…

requested portraits:

They asked me for a photo as i was crossing a bridge near the orphanage…they already looked pretty good but the photo was made for me when the young boy scout cycled into view…

The Hindu welcome drawing was freshly done…it was so beautiful with the red powder…and then the green sari…!!i really want to see these delicate drawings  being executed, but most women here get up around half past four or five in the morning, and do it then, so i keep missing it…

…also not so nice to be scrambling about the countryside in the pitch dark, not that its dangerous or anything, it’s just that here, you really need to be able to see where you are placing your feet!

She was washing clothes in a lake near Tulip Gardens orphanage…I was on my way there with a couple of doctors, then one of the docs had the “great” idea that she wanted to try washing the clothes too…it was a horrible Marie Antoinette moment…But the washer women took it with good grace…

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