baghya’s story…

Baghya is a day girl at the school, she is one of the lucky ones in that she still has her parents to return to every evening. But here life is never quite as it seems…Her father is a very grumpy man, who is permanently pissed off that life has provided him with 2 daughters…girls are more expensive…girls need a dowry to get married…Baghya has problems with her eyes so she is even more expensive…

(when i asked the kids to create a page full of pattern and colour which we would later fold into christmas decorations, Baghya decided to de-construct a face for hers…genius!)

Baghya loves to draw and wants to study art…S, the headmistress has managed to persuade her father that this is a good idea as it is a vocational training, she can become a teacher and so will not be a financial “burden” to her father…also apparently when marriage time comes along, her dowry can be reduced as she brings a wage along with her…

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