Unscheduled check for head lice at school…leading by example the staff all have to get checked first. The hairdresser is an ex Care and Share kid who now works in a fancy hair salon in Hyderabad. The kids live in fear of these checks as if they have a really bad case of the nits…they may have to get a GUNDU!!! (a bald head). I personally give my self a preventative treatment weekly…so far am OK!

Headmistress S on the far left, she does a pretty amazing job that goes far and beyond the call of duty…and that’s Z on the right, we are the only non Indian teachers at the school right now and she teaches English and Science.

…and of course in Butterfly Hill the same thing goes…

the ultimate act of friendship in my book…all the boys are checking each other…there are two barbers shaving away and there are gundus galore…


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