school bus life and acrobats…

Picking up village kids along the way…that is Sree Devi on the left, she is the headmistress of Butterfly H school, she has this gift of quiet authority and i think is the kindest human being i ever met in my life.

…so it’s another trip to Butterfly H, i love it there more and more, while waiting for lunch some boys start to show off for me and do some crazy acrobatics. Am terrified for them but they are fearless and apparently made out of rubber.

The bus to and from is always a lot of fun…three small boys in front giggle and prod and poke at my arms and hands…”marvelling” at the colour of my skin.

This little girl, Swarthi, who is normally too shy to speak recites the alphabet and counts to 100…yes one HUNDRED.

The boy sitting behind her comes and sits beside me and leans into me pulling my arm tight around him, he stays like that the whole 1 hour 15 minutes of the journey…he is 13 years old and has not been here so long, he is desperate for affection. This is not unusual in an orphanage but sometimes its easy to forget about the boys, the girls are so much more open about being affectionate. I go to my room and cry and cry… i don’t know why this boy moved me so much but he did. I love being here but psychologically it’s a tough place to be in sometime…but i pull myself together quickly, the last thing these kids need is a weepy foreigner in their midst it’s simply not useful to anyone! You have to live in the moment here, small acts of kindness and attention go along way and in the end, that’s the best i can do…

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