babies’ stories…

Two stories told to me by one of the Italian paediatricians here…

One baby was ill and in the Daddy’s Home hospital. His mother had married a man while she was pregnant, who was not the father of the child. When the child was born, the husband made his wife give the baby away and so the baby came to Daddy’s Home. The woman was deeply distraught at having to do this and remained so upset that eventually her local priest intervened and persuaded the husband to allow his wife to keep her baby. So that baby was only here for a couple of days.

Another baby arrived because his birth parents sold him to another couple. The baby then got ill, very ill and this new couple spent around €800 in hospital bills (a teacher here earns around €100 a month, a field worker earns around €3 per day), while in hospital the government found out that the baby had been sold and they took him away from the second couple so now he is here, he is 2 months old.
Every baby in Babies Home has a complex story, i have given up trying to reason with the moral maze that accompanies their arrival here and just hope for a better future for them all…

4 responses to “babies’ stories…

  1. Dear Marga,
    congratulation for your wonderful work! I love your pictures, your ideas and thoughts. Merry christmas

  2. thankyou Marga VP, this is beautiful posting.
    Sad but real stories, a glimpse into what it is the life and complex reality of these kids.
    thankyou again
    my best silly season’s greetings to all of you

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