butterfly hill christmas exhibition…

The critics agreed that the show was a hit…We had around 20 minutes to put up all the work the boys have done in the last 4 weeks…

Then the whole school filed in, class by class. The kids were really interested, it was all rather sweet…I even had “security” with some older boys acting as bouncers…luckily not needed as like i said, everyone loved the boys work.

Am sad my work at Butterfly Hill is over for this year…like i said it is real, proper countryside apparently yesterday there was a troop of around 50 monkeys running around the playing fields. For sure i would consider spending more time there next year. But back to the work…i tried very hard to get them to instil little bit of India into their drawings but like i said before, they are in love with the western myth of christmas. However eventually a few boys took me up on the challenge and anyway with all the students i do believe they employ the colours and mind-set that is intrinsically Indian and i find their images to be sweet and a little surreal, but i will let you judge for yourselves…


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