italian santa’s in india…

ahh technical problems…first my beloved G1 camera breaks down and then my mac (my life!) however i digress….and life goes on. Surreal is the only way i can describe today, santa arrives from italy (2 days early!), a game man willing to wear the suit and beard for at least 4 hours in 30 very humid degrees. He parades around the orphanage with a sleigh/cart pulled by decorated oxen.

Then he gets his photo taken with all 1000 of the orphanage kids…like i said he is game. He is assisted by elves and the wonderful tumbling boys from this previous post.

I did not ask them to do this, honest!

The kids almost explode with excitement…Popular Christmas songs about snow and reindeer boom from the tannoy system all day…

Then even more surreal…we all follow Santa around the neighbouring village, with our own sound system and Christmas songs ofcourse!

…impossible to take good photos…my camera is very confused with the humidity and the darkness, and i keep nearly getting run over by ox and cart…

and if that were not enough, later we go back around the villages complete with Mary and Joseph (from the nativity play) and sing western and telugu chrismas songs…

happy surreal christmas!!!

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