how to deal with presents for 1000 children…

OK, so as i have said before the orphanage is split into houses with 30 to 50 kids in each house. We are dealing with presents for Daddy’s Home and Butterfly Hill so that’s around 1000 kids, plus the kids who are at college so that’s another 200… We spread out all the gift possibilities in a big room along with empty boxes labelled with the name of each house, then the “in charge” from each house comes and selects which present is suitable for which child and you label accordingly…

It can sometimes be an organised chaos when a lot of “in charges” appear at the same time, but it works, Laura, who comes from Italy every year to do this job specifically has learned through trial and error how to get things done.


Also we have to fill a stocking for each child with sweets and novelties…so that is another 1000…At the end of it i felt like i had been in the eye of a hurricane, but it was fun…and humbling. Each kid gets one gift…which is actually enough and they are very good at sharing so its like they get 40 gifts in the end…

There is a very defined split between boys and girls gifts…obvious stuff like barbies vs trucks…but then i was shocked to see all the cool chemistry and electronic kits going to boys…and i must confess i intervened pleading the case that girls would like that too, so i did manage to get some of them into the girls’ homes…hurrah!

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