photography boys…

Some of my senior photography class on a field trip to the neighbouring village. Nice, kind, intelligent, funny boys…incredible considering the start they had in life. Some of their work from that day below:

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Dalayya, Santosh, Harsha, mvp, Syam, Ravi Teja, Daniel – the pose was all their idea


Actually the boys manage to take photos i would never get. I do seriously instruct them about being respectful about taking photos and to never take one if someone seems uncomfortable. Being local boys they wander in and out of houses (asking first of course) effortlessly…i am always reticent…

I would also like to single out this shot taken by Dalayya, also my student from last year. Sometimes i would let him keep the camera overnight. He lives in the Lake Home with the other older boys and he came back with this photo which blew me away. It is like something out of a Scorcese movie and gives something of the atmosphere of how it must be to live in this house with these boys. He did not really understand why i liked it so much and he consistently took great photos but this one is my absolute favourite…

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