reversible heads…

Surrealist genius from the 16th Century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo is on show at the Palazzo Reale in the center of Milan. No photography allowed so all you see here was taken speedily and covertly hence the lack of quality.

The Water the Water – (1563-64) part of Arcimboldo’s Elements series, neck detail in image below:

He is best known for his portraits of human heads made up of vegetables, fruit and tree roots and he was a huge influence on the surrealists of the 20th Century…

Spring (1573)

An ordinary still life with fruit when viewed in a mirror, becomes a portrait of  a man…

Reversible Head with Fruit Basket (1590-93)

Kudos to the work above (obviously not my own photo) The Librarian of 1556 for looking SO 20TH CENTURY nearly 500 years ahead of its time…Incredible.

Outside the Palazzo Reale Philip Haas has recreated Arcimboldo’s portrait of Winter, in a large scale sculpture from 2010

Not so sure about the sculpture but the paintings inside are magical. The show runs in Milan till 22 May 2011.

4 responses to “reversible heads…

  1. sculpture kind of misses the point innit!

    thank you for the sneaky photography


  2. i know…it’s a bit rubbish isn’t it! and of course everyone wants their picture taken in front of it…

  3. plinth makes it worse i think – would be better on ground/stone flags

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