fine china and the male genitalia…

This little china plate gets a post all to itself. As part of the contextualisation of  the Arcimboldo exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan (see previous post), it’s somewhat memorable…now of course sex in art is as old as humanity itself, but i must confess this is the first time i have ever seen a man’s face made up of dismembered members. The plate dates to 1536 by the way…

attributed to Franceso Urbini – Plate with head made from phaluses

Pretentiously, I tried to decipher the Latin text for a while until i found out it is actually Italian if you read it backwards and it says : OGNI HOMO ME GUARDA COME FOSSE UNA TESTA DE CAZI – “Every man looks at me as if i were a dick head (literally head of dicks)” !!!

Comedy genius!!!

2 responses to “fine china and the male genitalia…

  1. What an interesting piece or art! Did you know that in Pompei, they had penis-shaped cobblestones where the tip of the penis pointed in the direction of the brothels?

    • i know, it’s amazing, and so modern (at least so i thought), the concept of being a dick head. it’s a great exhibition, and thanks for the other fascinating penis-as-decorative-motif fact which i did not know about!

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