the bee and the observatory…

Up on Blackford hill for a walk, recovering from chicken pox, have to walk where there are not many people as am a afraid a crowd might gather and poke me with a stick…i look positively medieval…Anyway i found this INCREDIBLE creature…you can just see the royal observatory in the distance.

Ultra hairy all in the aid of catching pollen, they have an annual life cycle and usually die off in the autumn, so i guess this one was a little out of his time.

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4 responses to “the bee and the observatory…

  1. what lovely photos! I’ve seen lots of bees around the Water of leith (Craigloickart and Colinton Dells) over the past couple of weeks

  2. I think it is a Bombus terrestrus queen, at this time of year they are often looking for new nesting sites.

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