cazzo guardi…?

Milan Graffiti…

With all the chi chi design, it’s nice to enjoy some earthy lo-fi home grown talents with emphasis more on the content than the execution…. Got to love a sense of humour. Cazzo guardi?  – What the fuck are you looking at?

Too right, but it is fun to look at… both taken around Zona Tortona at the heart of the Fuori Salone

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2 responses to “cazzo guardi…?

  1. Haha! That’s awesome! The “design ruins our life” tag is on the building across the street from my apartment! Were you here for the Salone del Mobile?

    • yep, i liked it, and yes was there for the salone, it’s always fun, even if the design itself can be a bit pedestrian sometimes. Nice street to live in!!

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