paladino and the salt mountain…

“La Montagna di Sale” – “The Salt Mountain” by Mimmo Paladino – huge installation in Piazza Duomo.  35 meters in diameter and 10 meter high containing 150 quintals of salt (transported from Sicily) – what happens when it rains???

Incidentally 1 quintal = 100kg

5 responses to “paladino and the salt mountain…

  1. When it rains, happens a new miracle in Milan… The sea.
    Hope to sea ooppps see you soon
    il fra

  2. ciao fra! i want to see the sea in milan! maybe see you in Italy of the summer.
    ciao m

  3. MZ, this is marvelous! What’s the material of the horse figures?

    P.S. Will you be back in UNIDEE this year? I think Anna and Kosta are visiting for Arte Citta because of 5 Stones Casino! How I wish I can join, but am too far!

    • hey jb!!!! i dont know the material, i wondered at the time but there was no info outside. yes, will be back for unidee all summer!!! sorry you wont be there! x

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