the revealing walls of milan…

Came across treasures revealed by demolition works on via Silio Italico in Milan. Side by side sit two very different ways to adorn the walls of a building. At first i was struck by the ornate plaster wall painting exposed on the lower right – very typical in fancy Milano Palazzos of a hundred years ago.

But the more i looked at it the more i was taken by the huge fading mural on the giant facade. I took pictures as usual but the more i looked at them the more i wondered how the work must have looked when it was freshly executed. I wondered how those bold seventies colours and graphics must have sat amongst the chi-chi palaces of via Silio Italico. Anyway i thought i would try to reproduce it. You can see the results below. May not look like it but it took me bloody ages! My colours are pretty garish but am guessing the original ones were too…Of course the original untouched version is more beautiful, all decayed and fading…tasteful if you like…

Can’t find any info about this rather nifty piece of public art other that what is written on the building itself; Mural design by architect and caricaturist Luciano Consigli, executed by Luigi Raimondi-Airaghi Mario. Will try to find out more when am back in Milan.

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